Project Christmas - 2014

Thanks to everyone who helped with Project Christmas this year. 

Northshore High School Class of 2017                                               

        Northlake Christian School Key Club

Remember the excitement your children experienced on Christmas morning when they rushed to the tree to open their gifts? Maybe you and your family still reminisce over favorite Christmas dinner memories.

There are many children in St. Tammany Parish who cannot share in the excitement of Christmas mornings and family Christmas dinners. St. Tammany Project Christmas is working to change this. We are stewards who facilitate funds and gifts from the community for the children and food for a family Christmas dinner. These items are given to the parents the week before Christmas so that they can surprise their children with gifts on Christmas morning.

Please help by adopting a child or family, or by making a financial donation. This will allow us to make Christmas a reality for the children of St. Tammany Parish. Your donations are tax deductible.

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